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Today, Nintendo's official YouTube channel issued a brand new trailer for the upcoming New Nintendo 2DS XL.

Dubbed "New Nintendo 2DS XL Launch Trailer", it serves as a commercial to highlight the 2DS XL's key features.

Check it out below.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL launches on July ...


Nintendo UK has released a new trailer for the anticipated Hey! Pikmin game for the Nintendo 3DS. Included in the trailer is a bunch of information on a demo that has now been released in Europe. Hopefully we will soon see the same demo land in North America. Check out the trailer below.



To everyone's surprised, it was announced over E3 that Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch would be releasing on October 27th, 2017! This comes as a surprise as the previous, vague due date was scheduled for holiday 2017. Not only is it coming a few months early, but it is looking ...


Over E3, it was announced that the newest content upgrade (via DLC) for Final Fantasy XV, Episode Prompto, would be released on June 27, 2017.

Consisting of a whole new set of content focussed around Noctic' photography loving friend, Prompto, it looks to contain more of a gun shooting, stealth ...

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