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Today, November 17, 2017, Pokemon Ultra Sun / Moon launches in North America.

Sporting a new story revolving around the island of Alola, Ultra Sun / Moon brings back old bad guys from previous series entries. There is also a wide range of legendary Pokemon to catch, some new Ultra beasts, and ...


Last night, through their YouTube channel, Nintendo Mobile posted an update on where things are going for Fire Emblem Heroes in the near future.

Detailing a rather large amount of updates including Weapon Upgrading, Staff user buffs, and a new hero draw, the stream also went into new information ...


Nintendo has released an all new trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun / Moon, this time focusing more on story.

Dubbed "Travel Beyond Alola in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon!", it shows off some new key locations, characters and Pokemon, including a new Ultra beast.

Check out the new ...


Today, during a live-streamed event, Sega let the world know that Sonic Mania for the PC would be delayed until August 29, 2017, rather than it's initial release date of August 15. The other platforms that Sonic Mania will be available for (Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) will ...

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